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We are not doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists or speech therapists. We do not diagnose or prescribe.

We are passionate about connection! Our mission is to support people to develop more connected relationships through authentic and open-hearted communication – especially the relationship between adults, children and teens.

  • Build connected relationships

    We create unique and easy to use tools and guides to help you develop the skills you need to build more connection.

  • Develop your EQ

    Developing your EQ is essential for adults and children to be in the fullness of life with more ease.

  • Re-Imagining Sex Education

    Sex education should be exciting and empowering not intimidating and embarrassing. Re-imagining sex education explores connecting with children, teens and adults through vulnerability and curiosity, relationship and communication. To create a shift from the paradigm of fear based sex education; into sex education that facilitates the sharing of information and exploration of self that leads to empowered choice. To create spaces and relationships that encourage teens to cultivate their ability to be self-directed, self-governed and self-boundaried.

    Connection Communication Courage

  • Have better conversations with children and teens

    Learn how to build an honest, trusting relationship with your child or teen which can lead to better communication and navigation through hard topics.

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EQ talks
Talking to your teen about sex


For parents, adults & caregivers
Talking about Sex Series
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Feeling Cards Course


For tw/teens
Sex and Relationship Education 



EQ talks
Feelings Cards Workshops
Talking to your teen about Sex

Children, tweens and teens

Sex and Relationship program
EQ development


Re-Imagining Sex Education
• Sex and Relationship Program

Feeling Cards Integration Program 
• Integrating EQ into your classroom

Learn Together

Learn Together

Our Products


Feeling Cards R450.00
(Excluding Postage)

Do you always understand yourself? Can your children express themselves? These cards are designed to help children (and adults) understand feelings and build more connection with themselves and others. By highlighting emotions and suggesting exercises for exploring them, the Feelings Cards help all users develop emotional awareness. The cards and exercises are based on years of practical experience, personal growth and professional experience. An essential tool to help the children in your life build emotional awareness, express their needs and manage their feelings healthily.

These Feeling Cards have been created to help you to:

  • notice what you are feeling
  • increase your emotional vocabulary
  • identify your different emotions
  • express your feelings to others
  • understand what your emotions are trying to tell you
  • learn ways to understand and navigate all your emotions


  • 10 Junior Picture Cards
  • 25 Senior Picture Cards
  • 50 emotion word cards
  • 80 page booklet


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