Emotional Adventuring?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, manage and use emotions to make good decisions.

When you help your child understand all their emotions and give them the tools to handle overwhelming feelings such as anger, frustration, or confusion, you help develop his/her emotional intelligence (EI) or Emotional quotient (EQ).

EQ includes the ability to understand your boundaries and others. It’s based on recognising and accepting strengths and weaknesses in self and others.It develops assertiveness ‐ being able to say “no” kindly and clearly. It encourages flexible thinking ‐ think outside of the box, not getting stuck.

It develops self motivation, initiative,participation/engagement, responsibility and self esteem.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

How do you help people develop their EQ?
Developing EQ in Kids
How do you help them do this?
Talks, workshops, parent/child workshops
Feeling cards
Coming soon ** online course which supports you to implement simple and effective ways of shifting your family.

A well‐developed emotional intelligence impacts positively on relationship quality, good health, life satisfaction, self‐efficacy, self‐confidence and personal achievement.  Widespread research supports this

Emotional Intelligence helps us to understand other people, our reactions and ourselves and manage our interactions in an appropriate way.

What is Emotional Adventuring?

Emotional Adventuring happens  in  a  group,  class  or workshop  situation where  children  are supported to take a journey to develop an understanding and healthy relationship with their emotions. They are encouraged to connect  with and  explore their feelings  using  a  variety  of tools which  include  body movement,  creative  play  and mindful inquiry.

Developing this emotional awareness is the foundation of a healthy Emotional Quotient (EQ).

EQ  is  essential  in helping  children become  confident, responsible,  and happier  adults who navigate their lives and interpersonal relationships skillfully .

Each session  is  about  exploring  your  emotions,  your  heart-centre,  in  a  way that  is  adventurous  as it takes  courage, commitment  and  a  willingness  to  step  beyond  your  comfort  zone.  The  name  took  it’s  inspiration  from adventure sport which requires commitment, can be frightening but ultimately rewards you  with a sense of triumph for having dug deep and persevered towards a deeper appreciation of life and living.

Emotional adventures  nurture a  greater awareness of  emotions  and help you experience them as  a  compass  you  carry within.  When  you dig deep to find your truth at any particular time, you discover a greater capacity to embrace life wholeheartedly.   

Building understanding of an emotion in our body gives us greater self‐awareness.  With greater self-awareness and an understanding of the value emotions deliver to us, we are empowered with greater choice of how to handle the emotion in ourselves and how best to respond to others’.

Why is it important to understand emotions?   

  • Emotions are active 24‐7
  • Emotions are present in all relationships
  • Relationships are directly influenced by how we feel about ourselves and others at any time
  • Our approach to managing our emotions affects how well we function in the world

EQ development is essential in guiding children to become confident, accountable and successful human beings.

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