Teen Relationship and Sexuality

How do you help build connected relationships and have better conversations with teens?
Connection has layers, each layer is a gateway into more connection.

Supporting parents and teens to develop open-hearted, connected relationships that allow for clear communication and better navigation of the world of sex, sexuality and relationship.

It is not about the when or the what but about the HOW.

We live in a world that has challenges that we never faced or experienced  to the extent that our teens do now. Access to pornography, facebook, online dating, casual sex sites, tinder, Grinder, information on how to, where to and why. In particular, the access to pornography is having a deep and profound impact on how teens interact with themselves and others in relationship. Their understanding about pleasure and desire in relation to sex. We need a new way and we need it NOW.

I have a new way, we cannot protect or stop our children gaining access to pornography or information that we feel is not appropriate for them, we cannot use fear to try and control what they do. Trying to control through fear DOES NOT WORK!

The only thing that we can do is empower our teens to know what is okay for them and what is not. To empower them to make the most useful decisions that they can in any given situation. And to create environments and relationships that are open, safe and connected so that our teens have people who can support them and hold a place of acceptance which allows for non-judgmental exploration and all can be felt through and understood.

Connection is the solution.

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