In this video I explore how I had been creating reference points from my last interaction with someone and how those reference points were colouring my next interaction with them. I share how embodying and fully integrating the understanding of how emotions are not permanent states, and continually move through us. Which means that although I may look like and feel like I am falling apart in the moment, it does not mean I am broken or that I am somehow lost or that my life is falling apart outside of my feelings in that specific moment.

This is life, the falling down, the feeling broken, feeling big emotions, moving through, leaning into resilience, learning and then moving into joy, balance… stillness… whatever is next… this is the flow. Never ending.

The more I am able to understand and fully recognise that my emotions are moving through and this state will change, the easier I finding it to be more at ease in my life. I am learning this each day. For a long time my emotions have felt bigger than me, when they arose they would overwhelm me and in those moments of big emotion I did not feel they would pass or shift. I am grateful for this more embodied knowledge, for the rest that it allows in my nervous system.