The invitation is to pay attention to how your last interaction with someone becomes your reference point for when you meet them again.

Notice how this creates a subtle assumption about who they are and what they will be feeling when you see them again. Firstly it takes energy to manage expectations and then have to re-adjust in the moment, and secondly it can colour our perception. Emotions are constantly shifting. Can you notice what assumptions you make about a persons life and who they are because of the emotion they are experiencing in the moment?

Real life practice

The next time you meet with someone you care about and have a close relationship with, pay attention to what your assumptions are about how they are feeling before they tell you. What do you notice? Try to let go of the assumption and be with what the person is sharing with you.

The result (if you do the practice)

If we can drop all assumptions and simply be available to the person in front of us with whatever is alive in them, we open the relational space to ease-filled validation, seeing, gentleness with what is and deep compassion.