Conversations with kids about sex and relationships – Online course

This course will equip you with the tools and practical experience to have conversations with your children about any topic. Focusing on conversations about sex and relationships; conversations that are connected, fun and absolutely no-weird factor.

You will learn and integrate the skills you need to develop honest and trusting relationships with children and teens.

This course will support you to navigate the potentially tricky, often terrifying emotional and conversational waters of talking about sex and relationships with children.


This is a course for the discerning parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who knows they want to do better in their conversations with children and teens, especially around sex and relationships


  • On completion of this course you will have the tools and skills to create a safe, connected relationship with your children where you can confidently talk about the tough stuff and sometimes awkward topics and feelings.
  • You will feel able to meet children and teens’s questions around anatomy, sexual orientation, puberty, pleasure, relational dynamics and more.


  • 5 x 10 day modules spread over 8 months.
  • 1 x Weekly content and practices to integrate at home in-between modules.
  • The content is delivered via an online platform which you have constant access to for life.
  • More information on the course package below.


  • During the 10 day modules, of which there are 5, you will need about 30 mins a day.
  • In the weeks between the modules you will need about 20 min a week.
  • The course is spacious and with 2 dedicated facilitators you are always supported and can catch up on anything you missed at any stage.


  • We are facilitating 3 courses this year
  • 15 March to 1 November 2019 (course enrollment closed)
  • 1o May to 30 November 2019
  • 23 August 2019 to 30 March 2020 (for this course there are no module over the December period)


  • R 4850 up front
  • 7 x R790 – monthly payments
  • This cost is per household


Please contact us if you need financial support. We want you to join us and will find a way to make it possible.

Email Lorienne at

“Raising children isn’t easy. Not in today’s world with it’s many pressures and complexities, not to mention the impact of social media and the online world. My relationship with my daughter and two step children was definitely not all love, light and rainbows. In the years working with Kate I learned invaluable skills and approaches to relating to children and teenagers. All of these applied in my own life. You could call us the perfect “test case family”.

Today I have relationships with all three of my teenagers where we can talk about anything; where they feel safe, supported and understood; no matter what is going on in their lives.

I know the journey from broken and fractured to whole and connected IS possible. I know how it feels to move from one place to the other, because I’ve done it and I’d love to walk the road alongside you as you find your way to a deeper, more meaningful, connected relationship with your children.”   –  Lorienne

What Lorienne’s children are saying….

“It is the most relieving thing in the world to know I can truly talk to my mom. I can talk to her about any problems that I’ve been having, I can gain her perspective, and learn from her, which means the world to me because it makes me feel loved and understood. I find it heart breaking that some young people can’t talk to their parents – it makes them feel misunderstood, unloved, even. With countless of my friends I see that tension that arises from not being able tl be truthful with your parents about topics like sex and emotion. Seeing that makes me even more grateful for what I have.” – Claire, 17 -Lorienne’s daughter

“Being able to actually speak with my dad and Lorienne has created a unique relationship where I am allowed to be curious and essentially more ‘me’.
It’s actually very fun and I feel comfortable around them. I don’t have to hide anything, so I don’t, and speak to them about almost everything (and I mean EVERYTHING). Any limits in our conversations come from the limits within my own comfort zone.
Reflecting on how this being able to talk about anything with them has affected our relationship, I can’t even begin to express how things have changed . I can’t imagine something different to how it is now! And it’s only been for the better. I see the impact of this openness most in one person. That person is me. Being able to talk to my parents has allowed me to become the person I am today. I’m not held back in hiding things from them or trying to be what they want me to be. This has really created space for my own self discovery and positive growth.
I can’t imagine a greater gift for a parent to give than letting me become my own person.” – Jerun 19, Lorienne’s stepson


We are facilitating two courses this year.

15 March to 1 November 2019

1st of May to 1 December 2019

  • Cost: R3000 upfront or R450 per month for 8 months (per household)
  • Includes:
    • 2 x dedicated support facilitators
    • Introduction and conclusion call
    • 5 x 10 day modules with 3 online calls each and a supporting workbook per module (dates can be given)
      • Finding Clarity
      • Building Connection
      • Developing Listening
      • Understanding Boundaries
      • Crafting Agreements
    • In between the modules you will receive weekly content that includes additional information which will cover what to say when, puberty, sexual development in children and more. It will also include tips on HOW TO PRACTICE this with your kids
    • An opt-in whatsapp group for community support
    • 2 Q&A calls with Kate on Consent and Sexual Development in Kids

“We know that these conversations require trust, so if you want to know more, please get in touch with us. We want to talk with you about who we are and why we feel this course is perfect for you.” 

What people are saying about the course

It’s a vulnerable topic “sex talk” but the space you created was safe and felt comfortable to share and exchange.

Rory - Father of two boysNatal, South Africa

Thank you for being the super cool human you are, for all your valuable work with these beautiful teenagers and for the time spent together – you really do have a gift and it’s much appreciated!

Jo - Mother of twoCape Town, South Africa

Finding the Clarity Course very informative and also very introspective – I have to do a lot of unpacking and unraveling myself.

Ilse - Mom to a toddler and a teenNatal, South Africa

I had no idea how deeply fulfilling it would be to participate on this course. The content and exercises are highly accessible, clear, simple, and yet contains within them a deep wisdom that has been permeating my everyday life, allowing me to develop and improve my emotional intelligence and capacity to relate in a healthy way in all aspects of my life. The tools we are learning on this course will assist in supporting kids and young people to connect to their interior landscape, and what they are feeling in relation to those around them, and thus communicate and act from an empowered place not only in relation to sex and relationships, but all aspects of life. An outstanding course and programme that is not overwhelming in terms of cost or time investment, but will add immense value to your life and relationships!

SarahCape Town

Thank you Kate for the opportunity to participate in this connection course, it has been invaluable to my awareness of how to better understand myself and others when communicating with them. What you teach and the way you teach it allowed me to see more clearly how to integrate into my life the communication tools you teach on the connection course and really understand how these are needed to improve my connection skills. What was interesting for me was that although I knew a number of the tools you teach, I was not able to integrate them effectively when communicating with others until this course! So thank you Kate for this amazing course and the safe container it provided with others to allow me to see more clearly the importance of understanding myself and those I am connecting with. This course has allowed me to take my connection skills, particularly with my children, to a new level!

Dion, father of two boysJohannesburg, South Africa

Course Content Summary


In this module you define the kind of relationships you would like to have with your children.  And once you know where you are going, it is much easier to get there.

Key skills:

  • Being able to identify how your past experiences influence how you speak to your children
  • Introduction to emotional literacy concepts, such as the development of emotional awareness and vocabulary, reflection, and increased self-awareness


In this module you learn how to establish trust and safety with your children and learn why connection is essential for you as parents to be able to speak about sex and relationship.

Some of the skills:

  • Skills of creating emotional safety, such as validation and accountability
  • Understanding your and your children’s love languages
  • Increasing emotional literacy


A super practical module to develop your listening skills and understand the importance of listening.


  • Identifying and practicing the different types of listening
  • Understanding the impact of not being heard
  • Developing your capacity to become aware of your interior state
  • Cultivating empathy


Another practical module where you will learn about boundaries and what is needed to be able to set clear boundaries.


  • Being able to identify where your boundaries are and what boundaries need to be in place
  • Being able to firmly and lovingly set your boundaries
  • Learning how to set healthy boundaries and teaching your children to do the same


This module focuses on exploring the core values that form the foundation of your family interactions and how you choose to live. These values will inform the creation of your own family agreements.


  • Bringing awareness to self-care and its role in agreements
  • Being able to identify your core values and developing an action plan to implement them
  • Creating a family agreement


Throughout the course, we will focus on a particular theme for the weeks between each module. You will receive information and activities on topics that include:

* Puberty and physical anatomy
* Consent
* Gender orientation
* Pleasure and masturbation
* Sexual development and sexual orientation
* Pornography

The weekly content will provide you with extra information, resources and practices.

Your facilitators – Lorienne and Kate

We are here… feeling curious…. and delighted to be able to do what we love…
Please join us…. 


“The gift of a deep and connected relationship with my children is one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. In this course I share tools, skills and my life experience to guide you in deepening your connection with your children.” – Lorienne

“We live in a society which is highly sexualized and no one talks openly about sex. This was harmful for me when I was growing up and I would like to be part of changing this for children and adults today.” – Kate

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