How we connect matters!


In today’s world we are all faced with new dynamics in relating through the possibility of being constantly connected through multiple channels. To be truly connected to ourselves, each other and the earth we must take the time to cultivate the skills we need to navigate our emotional world with more ease. We do not need more channels of communication we need to know how to connect in authentic and honouring ways.

Let us not mistake the tools which facilitate connection for connection itself. Social media platforms, email, whatsapp are tools to support connection.

It is time to be better humans, learn how to navigate and listen to our emotions to support our capacity to connect in meaningful ways.

If, we as adults, do not have the skills developed in us, we are not going to be able to influence, teach and support the development of these skills in others, especially children.

Children and teens are growing up in a world where they are bombarded by advertising and social media which does not support healthy connection, this results in an expectation of instant gratification, lack of human connection as pixels take priority over people.   This compounds the age-old human struggles of sibling rivalry, bullying, a need for acceptance and belonging.  Without the skills to navigate these demands and make healthy choices, a child’s confidence, ability to focus and feel safe is impacted. Emotions become a challenge resulting in explosive behaviour or emotional avoidance through suppression.

The best part cultivating these skills is they can be learnt through simply, practical tools. It does not need to be a complex or complicated process. Yeah! It is, however, an essential one!

“It is time to cultivate and grow the skills we need to connect in more meaningful ways. I believe we are only at the beginning of our understanding of how our nervous systems, body’s, minds and emotions work together. This is going to be an ongoing place of discovery for us all. What I can say is, when you cultivate a deeper awareness of your feeling body and your emotions, along with the mental understanding of why you are making certain choices you find a freedom and an ease in life which is otherwise out of reach. “ – Kate Tregan Rowe

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, manage and use emotions to make good decisions.

When we can notice, name and listen to the message that our emotions are telling us, we are able to make better choices.

Well-developed EQ skills impacts positively on relationship quality, good health, life satisfaction, self-efficacy, self-confidence and personal achievement.  Emotional Intelligence helps us to understand other people, our reactions and ourselves.

EQ is essential in for all of us to become confident, accountable, and successful humans who navigate skillfully through life and interpersonal relationships. Relationships are impacted by how we feel about ourselves and others. Our relationship to emotions affects how we function in the world. When we gain an awareness and understanding of feelings, there is an opportunity for empowered choices.

Cultivating EQ skills helps with

  •   Emotional Outbursts
  •   Poor attention and lack of focus
  •   Anxiety
  •   Stress or overwhelm
  •   Poor relationship skills
  •   Bullying or being bullied
  •   Shyness
  •   Motivation
  •   Self-confidence