Inviting Intimacy Online Courses

This is where you will develop the skills to foster connection and deepen intimacy in all your relationships.

“My want for you is to experience more intimacy in your life, simply because it makes life so much better. I have walked the road from disconnection, lack of trust and trying to do it all myself. To relationships which have me feeling awed and radically loved. The beauty and honesty. The kindness, the challenges and the uncomfortable stuff – it’s all in the mix. The most profound of all perhaps is the unconditional acceptance of who I am. I know to the core of my being I can show up as I am, messy, broken, alive, tired, vibrant and I will be received with eyes shining bright with love.

NO MATTER WHAT. What a way to be received in this world. We all deserve these kinds of relationships. You deserve it. Radical, unconditional loving of each other. YES PLEASE!”


The intention for these courses, the self-paced or facilitated levels, is to support you to feel safe and guided as you learn. We encourage fun and lightness, not because we want to avoid the tough stuff, rather because we learn better when we are not in a stressed state. We can integrate new concepts and learn new skills with ease when learning from a place of receptivity and openness.

The first three levels do not ask you to dig through heartache and pain; it is not about unpacking emotional trauma or examining what is stressful in your relationships.

It is about supporting you to build the skills you need to live a more connected life now. In this moment. It gives you the skills and tools you need to look at the tough and painful stuff when you need or want to.

These courses grow your ability to do it ALL with more ease.

In these courses you will play and explore taking small steps often which means once you have completed the first three levels things will be shifted, you will be communicating and connecting with others differently.

Yes! It is that simple. It may even feel a little like magic.

Is this for you?

These courses are for people who want to experience deeper connection and more intimacy.

They are for people who want relationships where you can talk about anything, where you feel loved, held, cared for and accepted. Relationships where you can rumble with the tough stuff, sit in discomfort and know how to repair connection which has been ruptured. This is for the people who know things can be different and better. This is for the people who want to love bigger, lean into discomfort and are willing to show up in their vulnerability with the people in their lives. If you want to learn and grow then this is for you.

I am delighted you have found your way to us and I always feel sassy and bold making this statement.

These courses will change how you relate and connect!

I use the activities and practices in these courses daily and I feel confident when I say these courses will change and shape you and grow your capacity to have more intimacy in your life.

I know this to be true from my own experience and from what I have witnessed in others.

This works and I want to share it with you.

There are currently three levels or courses available, each level builds on the previous, it is essential to do them in order to gain the greatest benefit.

You have two options for each of the levels.

  1. Self-paced
  2. Facilitated

The course is designed to run over 10 days, you need on average about 30 mins per day for the activities. Once enrolled you have a lifetime access to the course, which means you can take your time or go back and redo the whole course or parts of it any time you want.

Both course options have beautiful content including videos, resources and downloads.

The facilitated courses have these additional benefits.

  1. 3 online interactive calls via ZOOM
  2. 2 x dedicated facilitators for the duration of the 10 days.
  3. Optional whatsapp group for support, communication and Q&A’s
  4.  discount for individual support sessions

People’s experiences

“This course has had a profound impact on my own personal process, but is  so supportive, whether your insights are big or small, in helping one relate to others with more confidence and connection.” – Sarah, South Africa


“My feeling is of wonderment as I go through a lot of live without engaging what I feel, and that my assumptions about what my partner feels and needs can be so off the mark! Emotional check-ins and Whats alive in me should be compulsory for all couples.” – Caleb, South Africa


“I’ve completed many intimacy and relationship courses and Inviting Intimacy felt refreshing and especially rewarding. The daily exercises clearly illumiates a healthy way to feel closer, safer and more real with the people I love. Practicing the daily exercises gave me new understanding about how to share and hear deepest feelings and needs in a way that incred a sense of connection without feeling laborious, heavy or draining. Which is super important to me. I’m so grateful for this – thank you Kate!” – Rebecca, Australia

Inviting Intimacy Level One


This is the gentle first step to developing the tools and skills you need to deepen intimacy in your life. The course is simple and effective. There seems to be a misconception in the world which implies this type of development is difficult and emotionally taxing. This course has been created with the specific intention of changing that perception. When we do small things often and stay in gentleness as we learn, we can integrate the skills we need with ease. It is this approach which allows for these courses to have remarkable impact. The focus of Level 1 is to practice and develop skills such as communication, identifying what we are feeling and increasing emotional awareness.

In this level you will learn what intimacy is and why it is so important to cultivate in our lives. Check out this blog post where I share more on what intimacy looks like in relationships.

You will learn about the Explorare relationship model, which consists of the relational field, the relational space and the inner sanctum and how you can use this to support you to deepen connection.

Each day you will have activities to practice the skills. Concepts are slowly introduced and activity builds on the previous ones, small steps often is they key. There is purpose in the simplicity and the lightness because it means you never feel overwhelmed which is essential if you are going to stay motivated and engaged.

Important information

  1. In both, the facilitated and self-paced course you will need an intimacy partner of your choice. This can be your business partner, lover, child, sibling or it can even be a perfect stranger.
  2. The course runs over 10 days and you need on average about 30 mins a day for the activities.


Self paced – R 400/person

Facilitated – R 600/person

Upcoming course dates for facilitated Level 1. 


22nd Feb – 3rd March

12th July – 21st of July

Enrollment for self-paced course available a from 15th February 2019

Inviting Intimacy Level Two


In level two you will build on what you learnt and practiced in level 1, taking things a little bit deeper, consolidating your skills. You will be introduced to the concepts of regulation and dysregulation and how it effects us and our ability to communicate and make healthy choices. You will learn how to identify and express your needs, which is a fundamental aspect of connection and intimacy. Needs are universal, everyone has needs and yet there is such a negative connotation to expressing what our needs, most people struggle to identify what their needs are. This course will change that, as it supports and guides you develop the skills to identify your needs and give you the confidence to share them with the people in your life. You will explore the concept of making the tough stuff sacred and how to shape the environment around you, to support you in conversations which may be challenging. This level is all about learning how you can take care of yourself and those around you in times of challenge and conflict. To learn the difference between regulation and avoidance.

Important information

  1. In both, the facilitated and self-paced course you will need an intimacy partner of your choice. This can be your business partner, lover, child, sibling or it can even be a perfect stranger.
  2. The course runs over 10 days and you need on average about 30 mins a day for the activities.
  3. We recommend you complete level 1 before doing level 2.


Self paced – R 400/person

Facilitated – R 600/person

Upcoming course dates for facilitated level 2


12th – 21st April

30th August – 8th of September

Enrollment for self-paced course available from the 15th of February 2019

Inviting Intimacy Level Three


Humans have a negativity bias, which means we pay more attention to negative or bad things which happen to us. The reason for this is because it is what keeps us safe, which is really useful and deeply appreciated. However if we do not counter it by paying attention to the good experiences we are likely to be in deficit when we think about the positive things we experience in our relationships. John Gottman from the Gottman institute says it takes on average five good experiences to balance the negative experiences in relationships.

In this level the focus is on mapping joy. What is joy for you? What does it look like, feel like? How do we lay the pathways to notice joy and positive experiences more often and give them weight and value. This level is fun and playful, a totally scrumptious course.

1. Once you have registered you will receive a preparation email to make sure you are ready to go
2. You will be added to the Whatsapp group, which remains open for the duration of the course. This is for ease of communication and to stay connected with    the other members on the course, and for contact with your course facilitator.

Important information

  1. In both, the facilitated and self-paced course you will need an intimacy partner of your choice. This can be your business partner, lover, child, sibling or it can even be a perfect stranger.
  2. The course runs over 10 days and you need on average about 30 mins a day for the activities.
  3. We recommend you complete level 1 and 2 before level 3.


Self paced – R 400/person

Facilitated – R 600/person

Upcoming course dates for facilitated level 3


31st May – 9th June

11th -20th October

Enrollment for self-paced course available from 15th February 2019



  1. How does the course work?
    • The course is 10 days in total, there are three online parts each 10 days. You need an intimacy partner and 30 mins a day to do the activities together.
  2. How much time do I need to commit each day?
    • You need approximately 30 minutes each day, although you can, if you choose spend more time on the activities.
  3. How do I choose who to do it with?
    • I recommend that you do it with someone who you do not have a very stressed relationship with at present. It is difficult to learn new skills if you are feeling emotionally, stressed or unable to communicate with the person that you are doing this with. This is not because we want to avoid the tough stuff. I recommend this so there can be a learning and integrating of the skills that you can then use in more challenging situations.
  4. Is it better to do it with a friend, a lover, a family member?
    • This is totally your choice and it depends on the nature and quality of your relationship.
  5. Is it a good idea to do it with someone I am struggling with?
    • I would not recommend this for the first two levels, once you have done the course once, then go back and do it with someone where things feel strained.
  6. What format does the course take?
    • It is online via teachable, we communicate via Whatsapp and use ZOOM for the three online calls. All your resources will be available in your teachable account.
  7. What can I expect to learn?
    • You are going to learn a variety of tools and skills that can be applied to all relationships, including your relationship with yourself. Some of the tools and skills we will cover will include communication skills, noticing what we are feeling, identifying our needs, clearing the relational space and developing emotion concepts, increasing emotional vocabulary and your emotional awareness.
  8. What resources do I need
    • All your content resources, like your workbook will be provided. You will need a device to be able to log in or download and listen to the ZOOM calls, a phone which has Whatsapp if you would like to be part of the group.
  9. What if I can’t make a call?
    • No problem! You will get emailed a recording of the call, the next morning.
  10. What if I can’t do the exercises each day?
    • This is not a problem you can stack the exercises to do when you have more space on a particular day. You also have life time access to the course which means you can go back and do it again any time.
  11. What happens if I get stuck: is there support?
    • There are a few options if you get stuck, you can check in for support via the Whatsapp group. You also can contact the course facilitator and set up a time to have a conversation. If you are doing the self paced course there is an option to purchase a support session with a trained facilitator.
  12. Is this a stand-alone course?
    • There are currently three levels, and level four will be available in 2019. Each course build on each other. Each level takes you a little deeper.
  13. Do I have to do all the courses?
    • No, you can stop after level one. You can join us again any in the future if you decide you would like to continue.
  14. Do I have to participate in the group sharings?
    • No this is completely optional, you do not even have to be added to the Whatsapp group . You also do not have to be on the calls, you can simply download the recordings.
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