Sex and Relationship Education is neither about sex itself nor is it about how much we know about sex, or even when to have which conversation with children about sex. Sex and relationship Education has its foundations in our ability and willingness to have conversations about feelings, desires and experiences we may find uncomfortable. 

The foundations for Sex and Relationship Education are:
1. Our ability to communicate with open hearts
2. Having a willingness to be vulnerable
3. Commitment to authentic, honest communication that creates safe connections.

It is time to change how we educate children and teens about sex and relationships.

We are laying a new foundation for sex and relationship education where connection is key and open conversations, which are responsive to life, become the norm. 

We, both adults and children, need to develop the skills to navigate this busy world and find ways to practice authentic connection in each day. We need to spend more time cultivating  emotionally safe, communicative and connected relationships. 

Teens are strongly influenced by society and media that expects them to act like adults whilst giving them no tools to do so. This impacts kids who have a natural curiosity and young adults with a budding sexuality. Unless there is a strong secure relationship between child and parent, guardian or mentor it becomes almost impossible to talk about sex and sexuality. 

Our education programs are exciting and empowering not intimidating and embarrassing, nor based on fear or prejudice.
Connecting with children, teens and adults through vulnerability and curiosity, relationship and communication creates a shift into sex education that facilitates the sharing of information and exploration of self that leads to empowered choice.

Our mission is to support children and teens to know themselves better so they can cultivate their ability to be self-directed, self-governed and self-boundaried. 


It wasn’t that my parents didn’t want to talk about sex, it wasn’t that they did not have the knowledge. Upon reflection, I think it had everything to do with the fact that we did not have a relationship that allowed us to talk about difficult or challenging things.  I am committed to changing how we, as adults talk to teens about sex; to support adults to cultivate the skills and qualities they need to have the kind of conversations we need to be having with children and teens about relationships and sex. – Kate Rowe – Founder of Explorare. 

“As adults who want the best for the children and teens in our lives, we have to stand up, find our courage to look deeper at ourselves and our stories around sex. And then to offer ourselves forward in vulnerability and commit to doing things differently.” – Kate Rowe – Founder of Explorare.

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